Our Guarantee

We have a wide range from the latest dress style to popular classic gowns for you to choose the perfect wedding dress. Let it accompany you in your happiest and lifememorial moment.


Our factory was founded in 2005,located in Guangdong,China. We focus on producing gorgeous wedding dresses,ball gowns and other garments professionally. We have the best designers and experienced dressmakers. Our Work Flow Management System(WFMS)is fully applied to make sure the good quality of our dresses efficiently.

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1.High-quality Fabric all over

Using high-grade 395 satin includes imported fabric.395 satin has soft touch thick texture and beautiful gloss.And it is heavier than any other type of satins.

2.Modern Tailoring

modern tridimensional cutting is fully adopted.The dressmaker will cut out a preliminary cloth pattern of dress directly off the mannequin.After a series of professional progress and adjustment,the clothpattern would be transformed into a more accurate paper pattern.Then the wedding dress will be tailored based on this.

3.Magical Fish Bones

Our dresses are made with 4-7 high-density fish-bones,firm and elastic with perfectly fixing-effect which hold the body up straight and create a flattering shape.Besides,the fish bones would be almost invisible because of an evenly sewing technique.Security band are attached on the back to avoid uncomfortable awkwardness.

Poor-quality wedding dress is roughly made with no fish bones which has no shape and looks cheap.

4.Perfect Lining

skin-friendly cloth is lined in the skirt by 0.08-0.15cm evenly consistent needle code.Totally-enclosed overlock looks clean and elegant.

the border of poor-quality dress' skirt has no lining inside,simple overlock with loose stitching,easily get worn out.

5.Exquisite Zipper

In-built zipper needs lots of complicated works,but looks great and feels nice. All using YKK zipper are imported from Japan.

On poor dress,the zipper is ungainly exposed,and they use cheap zippers on the bodice.